Thomas Dhanens

At first sight, Blush is all drag queens and kings, every color of the LGBTQ + rainbow, hedonistic abandon, and a fuck load of glitter. Yet blush, as you may know, is applied in many layers. Thomas’ portraits are masks that aren’t meant to hide. Paradoxically, each persona is leveraged so the person behind it can be free – blatantly so. Many of those populating the London Sink The Pink scene are a lot more themselves when they dress as someone else than when they are in plain slacks and a T-shirt, riding the underground to work. Their self-expression is aesthetically so profound and authentic it flirts with a form of modern art. In its essence, the series is identity in its purest form. Who are you when all usual standards are made superfluous?


About the artist

Thomas Dhanens mostly deals in electricity. He once studied to be a man of power — you can take that quite literally — yet today he changed the tools of his trade from wiring to a camera, which he uses to depict scenes abuzz with current.

He’s usually found on film and theatre sets, where the action is live and raw. Having been a part of the theater throughout his teenage years, Dhanens has a feel for the stage, which earned him the trust of international acclaimed playwright Arne Sierens, choreographers Alain Platel and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, to name but a few.

‘All the world’s a stage’, and Thomas sets the scene for both artistic and commercial campaigns. Whenever the folly takes him, though, he turns to documentary to dive deep into worlds that seem like other universes all together.
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