By sheer luck, the tour manager of the Descendents lives a few blocks from the brewery. He loves our beer so he approached us with the idea of brewing one with the Descendents! It just so happens that the Descendents run a recording studio in Colorado – the home state of our head brewer and he spent a good part of his youth in the punk scene there, including a LOT of Descendents shows. It’s almost like it was destiny.

What we made is a bright, fresh IPA that is infused with a load of fresh roasted Ethiopian Guji coffee from our good friends at Vandekerckhove , and some of the best American hops. We chose a light roasted coffee with hints of red fruit. The aroma of the beer is toasted bread and melon, while the flavor is more dank green and citrus from the Citra and El Dorado hops. As it warms you’ll get more coffee but make no mistake, this is a citrusy IPA at heart. It’s a wild ride, but still balanced and subtle.
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