Doing business with Stroom

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How it works: We work with the short supply chain “korte keten” philosophy. Put simply, order from us and whenever possible we deliver directly to you. This means you get a lower price, fresher beer and faster delivery while helping the environment. In Gent, 90% of our deliveries are made by a renewable-powered electric bike directly from the brewery.
Deliveries in Gent: Wednesday and Friday. Deliveries in Brussels: Thursday. Elsewhere: contact us, and we’ll arrange with you or put you in touch with one of our distributors. For more on our selection or how to contact us, see below.

To place an order as a business, use one of the buttons below. For consumers, check out our webshop, here.
Selection & Availability: We have six flagship beers, plus a rotating cast of seasonal and one-time brews. At any given moment we usually have eight to ten beers available. By filling in your information below, you’ll be kept up to date with prices and availability. 
Request Info: For more information, just enter your details below and we’ll get back to you.  We will notify business customers every few weeks with information on new beers, what’s available and planned releases.

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