Stroom was started as a “CV”, meaning we’re a collective, not just a business. We did this because we were serious about community involvement – we are a part of the community and we want the community to be a part of us. That takes many different perspectives.

First, we care about the environment and our impact on it. We put our beer in aluminum cans because we believe they are the most environmentally friendly packaging – they weigh a fraction of a glass bottle, allow trucks to fit nearly double the quantity in transport, are 100% recyclable and don’t require transport and cleaning with heavy chemicals. We also offer refillable bottles so you can keep getting fresh beer and ensure cleaning and transport is ecological.


One of our founders, Carl, has had a long history in the art scene as a gallery owner, collector and just broadly a supporter of fine arts. We knew from the beginning that we would incorporate this into our work. We select artists because we love their work. We want work that says something and that stands apart from the typical stuff you see on labels. We pay artists for their work up front, but they also get a cut of every can we sell. So our customers can feel good about supporting these artists every time they buy a beer. 

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