Where to find Stroom during Gentse Feesten

The Gentse Feesten will take place from July 15-24 and it’s gearing up to be a huge party, no surprise after the festival has been postponed for two years! Stroom headquarters is located just outside of the festival’s official bounds, but plenty of our favorite bars and cafés have already stocked up on our beer to ensure that you’re never far away from a cold can of Stroom while enjoying the festivities. Here’s a list of some places you can find Stroom during Gentse Feesten:

Stroom Brouwers: Yes, of course! The shop will be open every day during the Gentse Feesten, ready for you to swing by and grab a six-pack on your way in or out of the main events. We’re moving our fridges and register right up to the sidewalk for ultimate convenience, and we’re just a short walk away from several parks, perfect for sitting in the grass and relaxing. Forelstraat 27, 9000 Gent

Steen: Can we pick favorites? We recently collaborated with owner Ignaas to brew Sisyphus, a limited-edition IPA that launched earlier this month in both Steen and Stroom. Steen is a bar that drips rock-and-roll vibes, just tucked away from the Vrijdagsmarkt, a quick escape from the mayhem at Vlasmarkt. They also have a series of DJs and other fun throughout the festival. There’s guaranteed to be good music, and of course, good beer. We call Sisyphus a “crisp little IPA”, with a crisp bite, a pale, lemony color, and an aroma that will get you in the festival mood. You can also find Early Summer there too! Onderstraat 55 

Vol Pension: A perfect match for Stroom; this stylish bar on Ottogracht (around the corner from the Vlasmarkt) features a stunning mural behind the bar from Joelle Dubois, whose art also graces the Early Summer cans. The ladies who own this bar know how to create an effortlessly cool atmosphere, with plenty of little, Instagram-worthy details to discover.  Ottogracht 38A, 9000 Gent

chopinchopin: If you want to stick closer to the action, our friends at this pop-up bar on the Beverhoutplein, right next to the Vlasmarkt, will be hosting parties every day during the whole festival, featuring karaoke and dance marathons, with a fridge packed full of Stroom beer to keep everybody refreshed and happy. Between midnight and 2am they’ll be hosting a series of DJs  titled “ChopinChopin onder Stroom!” Check out their website at https://www.chopinchopin.be/ for the full schedule. Beverhoutplein 5, 9000 Gent

The Afsnis is practically a cultural institution in Gent and anyone who has watched the sun rise after a full night of Gentse-feesting has probably found themselves here. They’re right in the middle of the action and will have a whole series of live music throughout the festival and a great selection of beer, including our little rock star Belgian Stars & Stripes. Bij Sint-Jacobs
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